I Want To Go Moments

I Want to Go Moments


One of the most important tools on the mobile platform is the location service. When the service is switched on, your phone knows where you are and offers information relevant to your location. Mobile phone users utilize location services to look for local businesses. When they do, they’re in the I-want-to-go micro-moment and you can use this to your advantage.

Keep Local Search in Mind

I-want-to-go moments happen when smart phone users look for local businesses. They use keywords and phrases related to local search. Before the advent of Google Now and Siri, people would just type the keyword and the location name; but now customers don’t need to do that. They can easily ask the phone, using keywords like ‘pizza near me’. You need to include this into your marketing strategy because 30% of all mobile search are location based, and that percentage is growing 50% faster that all other mobile searches.

Local Message in Ads

Customers want quick results and want to make purchases promptly after they’ve made their decision. When they are in their I-want-to-go moments, they want information promptly. You can help them and influence their decision when you offer directions and some information about the inventory. According to research, 76% of mobile search users will visit the store within the same day of the search.

Useful Information

When people have time and patience, they might be influenced by brand loyalty but more often than not, they’re influenced by convenience. If you provide information like store timings, pricing, and inventory on your website or app, you’ll make things more convenient for your customers. Searches like ‘stores open now’ have become 2.1 times more popular so it’s a good idea to provide that information.

If you ensure that your customers can find you easily in their I-want-to-go moments, you’ll make a significant impact on their purchase decision.


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I Want To Go Moments
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