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5 Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Looking for powerful strategies to streamline your content marketing tactics in 2022? It pays to remain updated with the current trends when you are on the mission to leverage your brand’s visibility. Content marketing continues to be atime-tested tool to drive sales and explore fresh avenues.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a drastic change in the informational requirements and online behavior of global customers due to the pandemic. Therefore, it makes sense to exploit the effective content marketing trends in 2022. Our experts at Nube Internet have outlined five such strategies for your business!

What does effective content marketing need amidst competition?

  1. Content needs to be credible, relevant, and appealing

The ranking algorithms of Google have become much more stringent to weed of spam. This requires your content to be much more relevant, appealing, and credible for your audience. In 2022, you need to strengthen your SEO and content marketing strategy together. Try to diversify the type of content you have been posting.

Here are some tips from the experts to help you out:

  • Think of the content your dream customer or client would expect. Once you create a customer avatar, you can win business.
  • Integrate augmented reality, virtual reality, video, audio, and other interactive elements like gamification into your content.
  • Build trust by being empathetic with the content that you produce.


  1. Deploy table of content in posts

In an effort to strengthen your UX and SEO punch, use a table of contents in your posts. With specific sections leading to valuable reading experience, your readers would love the way you tailor content for them. This implies that once a reader opens your web page, they can skip or jump to the particular section that they are keen to read from the index.

From the SEO perspective, this would be a rewarding tactic. Google often presents these sections in search results.

  1. Answer questions above the fold

Till now, you might be adopting the strategy of holding back the key information till the end. The approach would be effective in making the reader scroll down the entire blog.

However, people value time more than any time before. In 2022, your objective should be to provide quick answers to specific questions to potential customers above the fold in your website.

Of course, you can elaborate your answer in the FAQ section or the lower half of the page. Make sure to bold the answer to make it conspicuous.

  1. Long-form content

Long-form content has been the staple for businesses that successfully sustained their ranks all these years. For traditional searches, it would be wise to use long-form content. Integrating the text with a calculated mix of short and long-tail keywords, along with LSI keywords would spin the magic!

Try to post content with minimum of 1000 words, delivering value to your readers.

  1. Optimizing older articles

Even as you focus on churning out fresh content for your readers, optimize the existing ones. Content, once posted, becomes an asset for your business. The responsibility to capitalize on existing content largely lies on the business owner.

On hiring digital marketing experts, you can update them with relevant keywords and presentations. Keeping these articles optimized ensures that they would continue to draw traffic!

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5 Content Marketing Trends in 2022
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