A Marketer Guide To Holiday Supershoppers

A Marketer Guide to Holiday Supershoppers


The Internet and e-commerce has led to the rise of a new generation of supershoppers who are very aware of the market, love to research and understand new products and launches, and spend their money often but with care. These high-profile shoppers aren’t easily impressed but when they are, they spread the word amongst their relations and friends.

This can be a boon if you have the right marketing in place. Here’s a brief guide that would help you understand these supershoppers and design your marketing campaign around them.

1. They’re Willing to Consider Different Options
Supershoppers aren’t afraid to take risks and try out new brands and retailers. They like to discover hidden gems and new products that work so they’ll experiment with different retailers online. According to Google research, 76% of the shoppers change their minds about retailers and brands they want to purchase products from. This is more prevalent in the e-commerce sphere than the brick and mortar stores.

If you’re a new business, you need to carefully plan your marketing to attract the attention of these holiday supershoppers because they will provide the best word-of- mouth advertising possible and bring more customers to your door.

2. Mobile is an Integral Part of the Shopping Experience
According to Google, 64% of the smartphone shoppers will research on their mobile phones before they purchase a product. They look for new ideas, consider different retailers, look at reviews and demo videos, etc, before they make their purchase decision.

Surveys suggest that more than 50% of smartphone users have discovered new products and brands while doing research on this platform. Businesses need to have a solid mobile marketing strategy in place to capture attention from supershoppers. They rarely use the desktop platform for their shopping needs.

3. Supershoppers Don’t Mind Spending More on Quality
Modern shoppers focus on finding the best possible product and aren’t afraid to shell out a little more money to get good quality. For example, a supershopper doesn’t hesitate to spend a few hundred dollars extra on a product if it’s proven to be more durable, is well-made, and has great reviews.

According to Google, there’s a distinct shift in the behavior of search engine users when it comes to product search. Instead of looking for the “cheapest gifts” they look for the “best gifts”. Some users also focus on “unique gifts” and “cool gifts”. As you can see, the focus has shifted from price and affordability to quality.

4. Door-to- the-Store
Thanks to local search engines and maps, supershoppers can find stores closest to their current location when they use search engines. For example, if you search for ‘Gucci jacket’, the search engine wouldn’t just show all results related to the keyword, but also the location of the closest Gucci store.

According to Google, 76% of search users that look for something close to their location on their smartphone tend to visit the related stores within a day. Moreover, 28% of those visits lead to a purchase. Supershoppers love to shop so if you provide them with a seamless experience, great deals, and good products, they will continue to shop until the holiday season is done.

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A Marketer Guide To Holiday Supershoppers
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