I Want To Buy Moments

I Want to Buy Moments


The I-want- to-buy moment isn’t as easy to predict as other micro-moments. People can purchase products spontaneously and impulsively or plan for it for several months before they finally make the decision. When people have made the purchase decision, they will research to decide what and how. You can influence them at this stage if you offer relevant information and smooth checkout. These are the things you can do:

Ask Customers About Their Micro-Moments

Customers can be your best source of information about customer behavior. You can easily ask them questions to understand when they research and how they decide to purchase. This would give you an insight into their behavior, and help you devise a marketing and sales plan based on the information. For example, 82% of smart phone users will research products they’re about to purchase in the store. This is a common I- want-to- buy micro-moment.

Create Relevant Ads and Content

You need to understand the latest costumer trends related to your industry before you plan your marketing strategy. You should look at the popular search terms, questions, keywords, and other such factors and create effective ads and content. These ads and content will lead your prospective customers to your products and help convert them. According to research, 51% of smart phone users have discovered new products or brands when they were researching on their smart phone.

Study and Analyze Data

You don’t improve if you don’t learn. Analytics will assess customer behavior online, in your store, app, website, and across multiple devices. Such marketing tools will have you trace the customer’s footsteps and determine what helped them make their decision to buy. Many US retailers agree that more data leads to 16% increase in search ad conversions. With the help of the data, you can design ads and marketing strategies that work more effectively.

While it’s not easy to predict the I-want- to-buy micro-moments, you can still influence the customer decision if you keep your eyes open and utilize opportunities you see.


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I Want To Buy Moments
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