What is Responsive Design 2.0 & How It is Changing Web Design?

What is Responsive Design 2.0 & How It is Changing Web Design?

The concept of responsive web design emerged back in 2010. It made your web pages render effectively on different types of devices and screens. It’s been a long time since this concept has been in the web industry. It has evolved and now moved onto the next phase. It is the era of Responsive Design 2.0. At Nube Internet, we are always at the cutting edge of web technology to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Find out what is responsive design 2.0 and how it is changing the way we design websites.

What is Responsive Design 2.0?

Responsive web design refers to your web pages responding to different devices and screen sizes to provide a flawless and simple user experience (UX). Responsive design 2.0 takes it to the next level – the ability of web pages to respond to user needs. When it comes to themes, customization, and accessibility, this new web concept will allow users to determine how your web pages will respond to their needs and preferences.

A New Era in Web Design

UX is perhaps the most important web factor that exists today. It is certainly one of the biggest search ranking factors for Google and other search engines. Digital success for businesses is more user-centered than anything else. Responsive design has evolved around the needs and expectations of the targeted audience.

The modern web user expects a certain degree of control over accessibility features and themes. If you think that is farfetched a concept for revamping your web design, think again. Designers and developers can no longer create and presentweb pages with static aesthetic elements. It will now be required to create designs web designs that respond to user preferences and accessibility needs.

Responsive Design 2.0 across Websites & Apps

This new design trend is seen across both the website and app horizon. More and more web designers and developers are adapting the process of new product development. By adopting the new tech, you will be gaining and retaining more users and thus enhancing value.

Some of the key steps being followed by web designers include the following:

  • Prepare code that can handle the new features
  • Create a reusable design structure from the start
  • Assess design tokens for how they can allow the creation of great UX

The longer you take to embrace responsive design 2.0, the more difficult it will become to fix it later. It can give your competition a better edge over you.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

The reasons why responsive web design is important are still the same:

  • Increasing your reach across all types of web-access devices
  • Consistent UX that boosts lead generation, conversions, and sales
  • Get ahead of the competition (over 73% of web designers think that visitors leave because of non-responsive design)

Responsive design also helps with analytics, reporting, and time/cost savings.

When it comes to web design, it is important to stay ahead. Embracing responsive design 2.0 can be the right step in this direction. At Nube Internet, we can provide you comprehensive web design, development, and online marketing solutions for your business’ success. Feel free to contact us at +(210) 996-7176 for more information. You may also send us your queries from this Contact Page.


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What is Responsive Design 2.0 & How It is Changing Web Design?
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